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13 July 2007 @ 01:14 am
I feel like "Superwoman" XDDDD  

*sigh* My net is really giving up on me ;___; >____<::: Gah, I hate it >___>

But I feel so good and "productive" today! ^^ After having taken care of an american for two weeks I was just going to be lazy, since I don't have a job XD Buuuttt, my plans of just writing fanfics and watching DBSK stuff was shattered when my mother and fater wahted help changing to our new fridge and freezer! Haha, about time I say! XD 8D The thing was.... it took 7 almost 5-6 hours X___x;;; First we had to empty the kitchen, then somehow move those old fucking thingies from the wall and out on the stairs.....THEN move those new things inside and put them in the kitchen.....THEN finally carry those heavy crap down the stairs, along the road and finally to my grandmother's garage o.o ..... The freezer was really heavy since it was still PACKED with ice when he carried it to the garage..... only me and dad!!! XDDDD I actually carried most of it myself and I felt sooooo stroooong!!! XDDD I mean, almost everyone teases me about being weak, but today I was like "Oh yeah, I can carry ANYTHING!!! XDD LOL" XDD I felt so pleased helping out today <33 I was actually of some use!! XD

Haha, then I sat on the computer for a while, looking through my pictures gallery and found a live picture of JaeJoong.....he was all sweaty and sexy >333 But after staring at it for 3 seconds, something started to itch in my head....and THEN I noticed it!!! XDDDD He was "excited" LOOOL!! XDDDD I mean, *really* excited! XD He has pretty baggy pants and you could still see it oh-so-clearly XD Kinda reminds me of the PV with Miyavi XD


Then I watched Gazette's new PV where they all wear latex and.....OMFG *___* They all look so absolutely GORGEOUS I just wanna rape  Hug them XD I have been waiting for their new album for so long, and now it's here >33333 I couldn''t be more happy! The CD is just....gah, so much LOVE! For the first time (yes, really XD) I actually love all of the songs on their album!! ^_____^ I have to admit I have never really liked their early period, but NOW, my GAWD!! O___O They are definitely so the "scream of pleasure!" >3333 Haha, omfg, I can't believe me, Shu-chan and Yoru actually made a dorky fanvideo and sent it to them on their anniversary together with some other fans!!!! XDDDD LMFAO!

And Alice Nine.....Gah, their PV WHITE PRAYER is just....also so GORGEOUS!! I have so gotten back to some japanese music again after only fangirling DBSK for gods know how long! XDD Not that I mind, but these guys I can't really ignore XD I so love these dorky, cute and affectionate guys <333 They're awesome musicians and look great! Shou as always been one of my ABSOLUTE fave bishies EVER! *___* <3333 He just get's prettier and prettier >333 And gawd, that man's VOICE!! When he speaks, everything stops and all I can see and hear is him! LOOOOL XDDDD And his last bloggs he's made are just so cuuuute ~~!! He's so devoted to being a singer, his band and his fans....the whole band are <333 Can't wait to hear their new album as well! Shou's voice has definitely improoved! ^^ While I sadly have to admit....Miyavi has really lost my interested lately >__> I'm not really fond of his new PV's....or clothes ---____--- I still love him, but he's far from my fave fan-object right now >__>

But I'm still sooooo into DBSK and JaeHo <33333 That pairing.....gah, I'll always love them no matter what! ^____^ They're so adorkable XDDD The whole band is just....LOOOVE and they are still improoving, even though I thought they were perfect before! XD And the JaeHo just keeps coming and being "produced" XDDDD LOL I find myself needing a cold bucket to cool myself down with now adays, something only really needed from fanfics actually XD (and sometimes because of their prettiness <333) You Go Guys!!! And keep loving each other, you're so adorable!!! <33333

Now I'm gonna go and write more on my two new fanfics, both JaeHo <3333 I'm so into fanfics right now!  I'm almost done with three chapters and they'll soon be posted, I'm so excited!!! ^____^

And Nyu-chan!! I tried to comment to your entries today, but it didn't work  ;___; So I'm gonna try tomorrow again! ^____^
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dicloniusnyuu on July 13th, 2007 09:36 am (UTC)
Am I the only one who loves Meevys new PVs? XDDD Everyone seems to dislike them o.O I must be his bestest fan *ahem* Haha...

Maw, it's been like that for a while, also I don't get notified when someone has commented my entries sometimes o.O LJ is turning against me <__<