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24 January 2008 @ 02:54 am
It's a miracle XD  
I can't believe I'm posting AGAIN! XD There has to be something wrong with me, but heck I don't care XD

I just looked through my wallet and realized I spent almost over 1500KR (roughly around 150 dollars) in TWO days in PS2 games! o.O; And just as much on fabric for different cosplays XD garg, so ok, the games were really good ones that I wanted, but heck, that much in two days >__<;; Now I won't have a life at ALL because I have to play all my games XD

And my poor cosplays! I want to do so many at the same time that I get all hazy eyed and confused, there are just so many X__x;; All of them have like FRIGGIN-ASS-HARD things to get and all of them are like....no one-day-job... I really need to get a hold on myself to decide for one at a time to do,  otherwise I'll kill myself with a heart attack. But it doesn't help when your partner in crime has the same problem and runs around like a lost puppy just like yourself (you know it's you, Yoru-chan XP)

And yay, soon the party is here! 8D
Shu-chaaaaan, ready for glitter and all those silly but funny kid-games?! <3

Haha, and I found out that a very nice american cosplay friend of mine that lives in LA has a boyfriend that is originally from Umeå!! O__O I was all stunned for minutes, because really, that SO proves the world is _TINY_! I laughed for minutes XD

Urg, keeping my LJ, DeviantArt, fanfiction account and various other sites active and up-to-date is really time consuming X__x;

And I've found out that I suffer from stress and agnst so much it has taken physical form, hench my battles for sleep every night >__>

Now I need to watch some Fullmetal Alchemist and laugh and cry at Edward before I try to sleep.... >__>
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Current Music: ANGELDUST - D'espairsRay
Yoru_no_Neko: Trio YxYxAyoru_no_neko on January 24th, 2008 02:53 am (UTC)
Muhaha! You got into a posting craze ^_^ Not that anyone seems to be complaining, everyone seems to have missed you while you've been 'gone' XD

Though I suppose I really shouldn't comment on it, 'cause I'm no better ^^; I haven't touched my lj in seven weeks...urgh. Seven weeks sounds like such a long time...

But that's hopefully gonna change now ^_^ Especially now that our coms up. Yay! Now it just needs a good banner, a nice theme and few members and some interesting posts ^_~

'(you know it's you, Yoru-chan XP)'
Oh, thanks, I feel so hit =P Can't really say you're lying though ^_^' We are hopeless cases! Blaharg! XD We really, REALLY, need to find that annoying wonderflex now. It really is the ONE thing that keeps us from really starting to work on all the cosplays seriously...

Poor little Hikari-chan. I'd offer some sleeping pills, if I didn't know you would never take them ^_~ Hey! Why don't I just knock you out everytime you have trouble sleeping? ^_^ (J/K)

Buhahaha! I'm off to watch some FMA myself...or read more fanfics ^_^ You know me!
Lea: Ed can do no wrong XDdemonrose88 on January 24th, 2008 03:04 am (UTC)
Oh yeah XD I feel like a Guru lol *does le dance with her* I would lean to the side to pinch your ass, but I'm too lazy right now, you're talking so sweetly about random stuff XD

Hahaha, I don't talk to that many people, so you should be more active XP

It IS a long time! *slaps her with a cucumber* Lol, but yeah, we're really in the same boat, as usual 8D And I jsut remembered something - we haven't planned my party yet, NOR played Shin Megami Tensei III; Nocturn yet!;0; I'd slap you with a dead fish if I had one >.> XD

Oh yeah, then it will be like ze sun among the black seas, or the rainbow on Sauron's head (o.O;) or the moon shining fully every night! (I make little sense XD) Our com will definitely be a very good YunJae one! :3

Yup, we totally and completely suck! XD *cackles* But it's us, so yeah... but we'll manage, like with everything else in this fucked up world we keep living in XD I have a very good site for Wonderflex, Sugar~~! ;D

Bwahahaha, that'd be something! XD I'd definitely request a video on every occasion you did it, you knocking me unconscious... my knight in shining armour :D

I'd bet my money of fanfictions *looks to the left* Which seems to be exactly right! XP
Yoru_no_Neko: Rikuyoru_no_neko on January 24th, 2008 03:20 am (UTC)
Lazy-ass! XP You're like one metre away from me hahaha *lol* (I'm no better though...)

And me talking random stuff?! You're worse! I mean what, a cucumber? Only you hikari-chan, only you XD Though we have one in the kitchen you could fetch it if you want to =P And we have several dead fishies in the freezer in you wanna try. They're quite frozen though so I imagine it would hurt being hit with them...so I prefer it if you drop that idea ^_~ (even though I don't mind pain ^_~)

This is really weird though ^^ We're sitting in the same room and commenting on the comments we send to each other...I mean, isn't that lame? Buhahaha! XD This _is_ getting out of hand. It _must_ have been that strange chocolate. Buhahah! Sugar rush! XD

Shin Megami and your game will have to wait until tomorrow though...We really should sleep now...Time is 4.19 am @_@

...I'm hungry...(not for chocolate though...ergh...urk....)
Lea: Cloud dark bitterdemonrose88 on January 25th, 2008 12:29 am (UTC)
Hahaha, I know, but still, wouldn't like to interrupt your lovely rambling ~~! XD

Hahaha, well, ok, but wait! One day you will be just like me as well, but still with that lovely tint of yourself that I love XD >3

Ew!.... crap >__> It _would_ have been really funny to watch your surprised face if I really _did_ hit you with a dead and frozen fish! XD but I'm not fond of frozen, whole animals...so I have to leave it to my lovely imagination instead XD

It sure is lame, but still SO much fun! *snickers* And definitely so, the chocolate is the one to blame on all this! o.o Such evil thing...yet so sweet and tasty! XD *flailing arms* Go for SUGAR-RUSH! *__*

Yeah >__> Sadly we didn't have much time to play it today ;__; XD

*nods and covers her mouth when imagining the smell of chocolate*
Yoru_no_Nekoyoru_no_neko on January 25th, 2008 12:59 am (UTC)
My lovely rambling =P I tend to make less and less sense when I start to ramble ^^;; But I know what you mean XD

YAY! Can't wait for the day when I'll be just like you. You're my idol!! Hero-worship!!! *starry-eyed* XD

Haha! That would have been something. Almost like if I really would knock you out every time you have trouble sleeping =^_^=

Lame, but still so much fun. We sure get some well trained abs from so much laughing XD

Ah well, there's always this weekend. If you wanted to stay the night after the party you could always bring the game and we could play more of that and SMT ^_~

And that chocolate...I actually ate some of it today...just to get rid of it. It was a liitle dry. If we had to drink water yesterday it was nothing like today. And there's still so much left ;_;
Maybe I'll put it out in the kitchen. Then it would probably be gone in like five seconds flat ^^
dicloniusnyuu on January 24th, 2008 04:43 pm (UTC)
You have a dA account? o.o What's ur id? ^_^
Lea: KuroFai Hugsdemonrose88 on January 25th, 2008 12:30 am (UTC)
Yup, I finally have! ^^ Created one just after Uppcon :3
My name is Niji-No-Kuroi-Bara, what's yours? I had totally forgotten you had one! o.o
♔ O°o•Yami•o°O ♔: Yami Lolitayami_no_cosmos on January 25th, 2008 02:29 pm (UTC)
Don't tell me about it honey I HATE THE FACT that I won't be able to make my Yui-cosplay this year. I was so looking forward to make it but well. I'm getting married this summer and need all my cash for a wedding trip to Paris.

Also I'm gonna RE-VAMP my Itachi cosplay. Make new better pants and sweater, hairstyle a new wig. You can allways improve stuff like that. :3
Lea: Fluffy Jaedemonrose88 on January 28th, 2008 02:04 am (UTC)
Aww, that's too bad, because I know it will look lovely! <3 But a wedding certainly needs the money and is something you (hopefully) do once, so you do the right thing! XD Congratulations Sugar~~! You have to promise to take many pictures and stuff to show us later! :3 A wedding, so cute~~! <3 *gets all bouncy* XD

Hahaha, oh yeah, you're so right dear, so right >3 I'll look forward to see the result of the improved one! ^_~