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07 February 2008 @ 04:12 pm
So finally, it came XD I should have guesssed as much after having had dreams about Alice Nine and Gackt before. So eventually I should have one with my fave korean band, ne? Though I never thought it would be this random! XD

 I started off quite normally. Yoru, Shu-chan and I were hanging at my house, 'celebrating' my birthday. Then all of a sudden someone rings the door and it's DBSK standing outside! o.O; (I bet I squealed in my bed there XD) They yelled and laughed at me, congratulating me on my birthday before they made their way inside. Shocked, the rest of us followed them and we ended up at the kitchen table, Junsu and Yoochun clinging at each other like love-sick lovebirds while Changmin is rather lost, not saying much. Jaejoong, first shy,then takes on the role as the chit-chat person and talks about EVERYTHING (I swear it was about everything! ) while Yunho is all bad-guy-ish and calculating, making random, cool jokes and laughs calmly. (we girls are all spellbound of course XD) Then we suddenly find ourselves in a gym-hall!! O_O; And Jaejoong shouts happily that it's time for some soccer, the other bandmembers screaming their delight (of course Junsu is the most enthusiastic XD). After many sweaty minutes, I end up alone in the locker rooms while the rest have gone shopping. Here it becomes kinda nightmare-ish because it's this 'horror' feeling the whole time, although nothing really happens. Then I'm transported back to my house and I find myself running around like crazy, trying to find the right clothes to wear before they come. Just when I have found myself a skirt Jaejoong jumps up from behind and scares the shit out of me, yelling Happy Birthday again! XD Then the rest returns and again we're at the table. Note that in all my J/K-pop/rock dreams I have fanservice going on, so of course Junsu and Yoochun are at it, not at all thinking about that the rest of us are staring in amusement at them! XD It was SO hot lol After a while I walk up to my room on the second floor and to my surprise and shock, Yunho follows!! O__O He smirks in his so damn hot way and comments that I have a nice room as he enters, gazing at me nailed to the spot (I was staring like hell XD) I find myself thanking him before asking what he's doing here and he says randomly that he's quite tired. I respond by saying that perhaps he should rest of that is the case....and to my horror I find him laying himself on my bed! X__x;; YUNHO IN MY BED!!! Why it was to my horror was because I think my bed is kinda hard and not suitable for a member of DBSK lol XD Also, I was fearing that my dream would turn into a sex-scene! (yes, I kinda noted in my dream that I was dreaming and that I didn't want to have sex with him XD) Yunho is all hot and smexy and all that, but having sex with him in my dream would ruin my affection for him in a way... THANK GOD that didn't happen. Instead he flirts a little with me before falling asleep. I walk downstairs and finds the love-birds still at it while Jaejoong draws me into a conversation about Yunho XD After a few hours they leave.... and the next day I find Yunho having done a comment on my LJ!!!! XD The comment is about him thanking me for borrowing him my bed and that he thought it was the best bed he had ever slept in! XD (I swear, I was laughing in my dream at the randomness XD) He also said he and the band would have to meet us again soon, since they thought it was fun being with us. Jaejoong had also done a comment after Yunho, saying he wanted to come again too while warning that we might need to do something about Junsu and Yoochun the next time, because they couldn't stop making out XD The rest had also done some comments, but I'll leave them out XD

I know I'm obsessed with DBSK, but I haven't been that active with them lately, so I don't see why that dream came now all of a sudden! XD and with the major theme being YUNHO SLEEPING IN MY BED! XDDD

I swear, I would have been so embarrassed if I had had sex with Yunho >.O; I love him too much to see myself with him, he is supposed to have Jae! XD I still don't get why I dreamt about YunHo in my beed when I'm more obsessed with JaeJoong o.O; (although I love them all really madly XD)

This, I guess, is my most random and 'plot changing' dream about a band I've ever had! XD Anyone else had a dream about them? XD
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♔ O°o•Yami•o°O ♔: Jirayayami_no_cosmos on February 8th, 2008 08:05 am (UTC)
HAHAHA WHAT A DREAM! Bishis everywere hum hum!

Weeeeeel I haven't dreamt about those guys BUT I have had these zombie murder dreams like once every single week. That I'm in this big city being chased by zombies. But the strange part is that I'm NOT afraid. No, I'm a freaking zombie-killing-machine. I take everything I can get my hands on and stabs/cut and slice those monsters and I'm even like showing off to people. Yami da zombie killing machine GURL! Very strange dreams indeed! ;3

Your dreams seems better then mine! XD
Lea: Feind by Feimodemonrose88 on February 8th, 2008 08:21 pm (UTC)
LOL Your avatar! XD *cackles*

*nods* Many very nice bishies, I was so enjoying myself >3

Once every single week? O_O Hun, that sure is often o.o But you are a big fan of Resident Evil, so I guess it has its explanations XD Oh yeah, and you liked zombies, ne? How does it feel slaughtering them in your dreams like that? Good, bad? XD

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a sight! XD *imagines Yami-chan going berserk on a zombie with a fork and spoon* XD *cheers on her* ^O^ Cut, slice, slaughter! *mad cackle* XD You're so my uber-pretty hero ;D If the world ever got filled with zombies, I'd SO team up with you! haha