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06 March 2008 @ 09:23 pm
Yami-chans awesomeness!  
HoGot a birthday present from yami_no_cosmos today that she has made herself! :3

First it was this hilarious envelope with a Cloud, the three brothers and Sephiroth on it! :DDD I shook it a little, and when I opened I saw this!!! --->

 Isn't my doll and wife so skilled!? :3 The picture doesn't make it justice, but yeah, it's gorgeous! Its the blue colour that I really like the most (almost a little mako type of blue) and the chain is my fave type of chain :3 I've always had a blue necklace, but never a matching bracelet or ear-rings, but now I have!

Thank you so much hun! *huggles* It was a perfect gift :D Haha, my mum thought I had bought them, but then I told her you had made them and she was in awe. She said you should work with stuff like this! ;D

Now I need to find you two something equally awesome for your wedding gift >3 I better start hunting now! XD
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