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26 June 2008 @ 12:22 am
I Wanna Fly Far Away...  

"Should I Assume That Someone Hears Me When I Pray, Love Full Of Hate, Don't You Love How I Break?"

Gosh, I'm so inactive on this site, but the goddamn work! >__>; I know I shouldn't complain about that I have a job, but seriously, this suuuucks! I'm _never_ free on the weekends, I work every goddamn day and I can't plan anything because my schedule always changes from day to day and you need to ask for a free day ONE fucking month ahead! They're all retards - damn retards >__> And one of the bosses can't just STOP bitching and she's focusing on me for some reason. Grr! Sometimes she can be really sweet but the next second she's a total ass! I've tried, tried to ignore her but it's fucking impossible! I can't stand her, all she does is trying to make people into these flawless machines, but you know what bitch - we're fucking _humans_! NOTHING in this world is perfect, especially not people, you ass....

Ok... now I got that out X'D

Oh, Yami dear! Yes, I've started on my SMT cosplay, though not by much sadly >__>; too much stupid work. I've done half the jacket - I'll post a pic when I have made the puffy arms which seems impossible to do >_>; But my Crisis Core Cloud is soon done! ^^ I'll post pics when it's completely finished 8D How about you own cosplay? Started on it yet? >3

Ah, Shu-chan! It was lovely meeting you again! I can't believe you live in Germany now, when I saw you it felt like we we're ten again XD Come again, rainbowchild! <33

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nangilima ♠: → mshatterlights on June 26th, 2008 12:11 pm (UTC)
being with you alwaysalways brightens me up ♥ it never fails!
i hope its not too long till we get to meet again :3 <33