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26 June 2008 @ 12:40 am
I'm so goddamn bored right now. It's too late to work on cosplay or start a game - so I stole this from Shu-chan >3 blueplasticgun
1. Every survey asks for your name. What's you name spelt backwards?

2. What color underwear are you wearing right now?
Wouldn't you wanna known XD lol They're plain black - boring but fitting XD

3. And what color is your toothbrush, might I ask?
Um, never thought about its color... *checks* White and blue o.O

4. Do you think you're a fatty?
Don't we always at times? ='D Usually I do, especially because of some specific parts, but deep down, I know I'm not X'D

5. How many teeth do you have?
No idea o.O; And I'm too lazy to check.

6. Who was the last person to ask you what your name was?
Sebastian, a co-worker.

7. What's in your dvd player right now?
DVD player? o.O I never keep a DVD in there unless I watch it XD But last time it was Bee Movie <3

8. Parlez Vous Francais?
No, but I still get ya! Now be quiet.

9. Whenever you see a tomato, what do you think of?
*stares at one* Nothing..... it seems o.O Or if anything - 'It's a nice color...' ='D

10. Do you miss the old days, of Clarissa Explains It All, and Rocko's Modern Life?
Nope, damn I hated those shows....

11. What is the one store you will NOT be caught walking into?
Friends can drag me into any store XD But if I have a say in it, it would be JC XD

12. What are your views on gay marriage?
That's a stupid question... DX Of course I think it's ok - more like it's given for people who love each other to get married and that it's natural and beautiful.

13. Am I the ONLY one who thinks Johnny Depp ISN'T hot?
Seems so o.O But perhaps there is another lonely soul out there who is like you...

14. Have you ever wished you could work in the Wonka factory?
Do you have to ASK that?! For fuck's sake - YES!! *___*

15. Are you hungry right now?
Yes.... ate lousy dinner a long time ago and I want caaaandy or chocolate cherrios DX

16. Do you play DDR? [dance dance revolution?]
I play a lot, but have never played DDR, to my utter disappointment D= Hope to try it soon though!

17. Have you ever been to HomeStarRunner.com?
Say what? o.O

18. What about Fat-Pie.com? [salad fingers is -the- coolest ^_^]
Are you on something.... *looks suspicious*

19. Have you ever been caught looking at porn?
Haha, I'm a girl, of course not! We're too sneaky to get caught! LOL Just kidding =D Nope, I haven't.

20. Are you a drug addict?
Depends on what a drug is to you =P I'm addicted to many things.... many that other people might view as a drug XD


What color M&M is your favorite?
The red and green ones! They are the brightest in the bag! =D Although.... usually I love the dark o.o

Do you lick your fingers when you turn pages?
No! That just ruins the book! ^^;

Do you suck on lemons?
Um..... oh dirty thoughts! *Snort giggles* No, I don't XD

Have you ever given a lemon to a baby just to see their face when they put it in their mouth?
I try to stay far away from babies, so nope.

Last thing you warmed up in the microwave:
Hmmm.... I don't use the microwave that often. But I think it was meat an rice...

Last thing you cooked in the oven:
Candymuffins! *.*

Last phone conversation you had:
With my sister. A fun one at that =D

Last time you cried:
This morning...

Last time you told someone you loved them:
Can't rememer.... damn, that's dark and lonely DX

Last time you felt sick:
Two days ago, thanks to the fucking work and da bitch. Thank you sweetheart *sarcastic*

Last thing you bought at the drug store:
... I'm not even gonna answer that >__>;

First thing you do in the morning:
Say morning to my baby birdies <333

First thoughts when waking up:
Swearing over the future hours when it's a day with work. Otherwise I thank Ra for a free day full of cosplay-making hours and no bitches. I listen to music a lot as well.

Have you ever danced on a pole?
I.... don't think so.... o.o

Do you poke holes in meat packages at the grocery store?
Definitely not. Gross!

Do you always return your shopping cart?
I'm a boring person - so yes.

What color pen do you like using?
Black. It suits me....

What would you do if you caught someone stealing from you?
Depends on who's stealing it. I'm such a wuss that I would probably just stand there staring at them, at a loss for words while trying to tell them that it's bad to steal and that I want my things back because they're precious to me.... X'D

What are you looking forward to in the next two months?
August and Närcon!! Cosplaying Cloud with my Zackary then and after that we're going to Stockholm! Shopping time! <33 and hopefull I'm gonna meet up with Shu-chan and Yami chan too! *.* Oh, and three weeks from now when were gonna walk around town promoting Crisis Core in our cosplay clothes 8D

When was the last time you bought someone a birthday gift?
two months ago

What did you buy them?
I think it was a doll...

Has blood ever come out of your ears?
no o.o *svary thought*

Is there anyone you're embarrassed to be seen with?
.... nope. It would be sad if I had. One shouldn't be embarrassed about people they know.

Have you lost touch with anyone recently?
a couple of online friends, but also one here D=

When was your last doctor's appointment?
Can't remember..... I think I have pushed it in the back of my mind, to be forever forgotten.

Ever had to have teeth pulled?

yup, once, and it was not a happy event >__>; yuck! Had to pull two out to make space for new teeth and my dentist I had then suuuuucked! DX

Do you know anyone with dentures?

What was the last hot beverage you drank?
tea <3

What was the last cold beverage you drank?
pear lemonade

Best revenge you've gotten on someone?
Not one for revenge, so yeah...

Who was the last person you saw crying?
my other personality

Have you ever wiped your nose with your bare hands?
Mhm. I know I know.... but I didn't have anything else X'D

Where was your first kiss?
in my ex's room

Can you make any animal sounds?
Quite many actually 8D

Do you go to your high school reunions?
Never been one yet, so can't really say. Though I think I'd go if there was one. Interesting to see how people change, even though I don't like most of them.... XD

What is something you will never wear?
..... that's an interesting question...

Have you ever worn glasses just to look sexy?
I have to admit I have XD

Do you know any nerds?
Hahahaha, my closest 'gang' are nerds! XD But I'm one as well, and we are cooool! 8D

What did you buy last at the liquor store?
Haven't been there in a while.

Ever have a yard sale?

Do you save old newspaper articles?
I did before if they were interesting, but now I don't

Do you have any freckles?

Is the grass always greener on the other side?
I think that mostly it is....

Do you refill your soda when you're dining at a fast food place?
it's not common..... I..... never do it X'D

What is one thing you never leave the house without?
my MP3 player! OMG! *freaks out at the thought*

Do you always wear underwear?
lol yes

How many times have you been pulled over by the police?
never XD

Is Tyra Banks fake?
too lazy to comment. It's a friggin 'celebrity', who cares.

How many times a day does your telephone ring?
4 perhaps...

Do you drunk dial?
I wouldn't be able to XD

Who do you call?
the one I need or want to talk to. *rolls eyes*

The biggest part of your body is what?
my thighs, those goddman thighs! *growls*

What flavor jelly do you like?
Don't like jelly at all

Can you forgive people?
I think I do.... but perhaps it's just my own illusion and I never do? *thoughtful* At times I know I do... but often.... no idea XD

Do you wear dark sunglasses indoors?
nope. I never wear sunglasses - they don't suit me DX

Ever had to put a small fire out?
yup. Once, and I was the one who had to put it out XD lol it was a magical halloween....

Do you have a picture of yourself with ten or more people in it?
mhm..... *shudders*

Last time you got dressed up?
Two days ago.

What is the worst habit someone else could possibly have in your opinion?
So many I can't choooooose XD

Does anyone have pictures of you passed out?
don't ..... think so X'D

Has anyone done something funny to you and took pictures while you were drunk?
my other half always does that XD though I have only been drunk twice XD

Name a piece of football equipment?

What's on tv tonight?
Dunno.... but not something good.... I hope - otherwise I wanted to see it!

Are all muslims terrorists?
are you a retard? course not

When you wear a bathing suit can you see your rib cage?
I only wear bikini - yes

What was the last thing you bought online?
a cosplay wig! 8D

How many stairs do you have to climb to get to your bedroom?
one.... XD I can climb it in my sleep

Do you make your bed everyday?
yup, Imma good girl XD

Has your luggage ever been searched at the airport?
yup. All too many times... dunno why >__>; do I look suspicious or scary or what? DX

What's your favorite frozen treat?
chocolate ice-cream!!!
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♔ O°o•Yami•o°O ♔: DanteDMC4Sweetyami_no_cosmos on June 26th, 2008 07:45 am (UTC)
That meme is awsome I need to snatch it! xD

*hugglies and snatch*

Leademonrose88 on July 30th, 2008 08:42 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, you *have* to snatch it, because I'm dying to read the answers! Which reminds me I'm gonna do that now.... AND write on your journal entries! 8D See ya later wifey! *waves*
nangilima ♠: → zoroshatterlights on June 26th, 2008 10:53 am (UTC)
halloween~!! i remember that fire. :D we all just stood around looking at it. like "uhm. what do we do with it?" and everyone just backed away while i staaared and was not really interested cause i'm a weirdo like that and then SOMEone took care of it? was it you? o: i dont remember 8D; but then it was ok. right.. x_x;; ahem. <3

candymuffins sounds veryveryvery nice. *-*
did you put smarties in them or sth? :3

ILU. ♥
..and of course we'll get together in stockholm, you goof. *clings*
Linn: birdsneyvaa on July 23rd, 2008 01:21 pm (UTC)
Wow, loong meme. XD
You're Ryuu, Ida's friend right?
I'm Linn if you remember me ^_^ *waves*
Lea: DBSK colordemonrose88 on July 30th, 2008 08:37 pm (UTC)
Yup, but a fun one XD
Haha, yes, that's very correct! 8D How did you know? o.o *impressed*
Haha, and of course I remember you! Anyone who forgets you fails XD Didn't know you had a LJ, that's cool! 8D *waves back*
Linn: rock onneyvaa on July 31st, 2008 05:35 pm (UTC)
Ah.. because I was checking out her friends and you were from umeå and the name "Ryuichi" made me think it was you ^^
Hehe, that's good!^^ But I don't know if I'm easily remembered but I'm glad you remember me^^
Ida introduced it to me and now I'm like.. hooked here XD
I hope we can become good friends~ ^^