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05 November 2009 @ 07:34 pm

I know, I know, I'm hardly on here. But getting home from England made me urge to write down my memories, since I tend to forget lol >.>;

I just CAN'T believe I FINALLY got to travel to England! It still feels surreal thinking back at it, like it's all been a candyfluff dream tickling my mouth for a week! Sure I didn't go to London, but I've never craved to go there, I'm more in love with the countryside and odd little pubs they have there anyway. So we went to Eastbourne. Yes, it's a tourist town, but it's so oddly built and shaped that you get everything england has to offer in a matter of miles lol. Old and new, fresh and fallen. I had a hard time grasping that they had "only" 76 pubs in a matter of english miles there, since we have like.....two in this little hell hole lol So ended up going to a couple, and what I loved the most was that since I was there over Halloween, _every_ pub had decorated for it!!! :3 I was sooo expecting to find Jack Skellington walking into one or two of them, greeting everyone with a song and a ScrEeAm. To my utter sadness though, he never came :( WHERE WERE YOU JACK!? D: At least I got a hold of a collectors edition doll of him from one of the shops, but I would have bribed him with a Sandy Claws outfit anyday to lure him into one of the pubs ;__;

So what more did we do. Well, ate Ice-cream of course! :D Went to the same italian ice cream shop 3 days in a row lol the poor lady must have thought we lived on the creamy sweetness. We also did this typical tourist thingies. Went to the Pier which is well known there, to one of the other seaside towns, went shopping, took loooads of pictures of silly things, tortured the inhabitants, went to a car museeum, casinos, pubs, took a 5 hour stroll down the older parts of town - and one of my fave things -  we went to a BIRD Farm!! :3 was like...MILLIONS of birds and ducks there, and you were allowed to feed them and some were walking around outside of the cages! :3 Of course I was throwing seed arond like crazy lol Hope the poor thingies did get too fat from all of it xD One had a most fascinating haircut, must post a pic of him/her later, such a coolie :3

hm hm...oh yeah lol Jack Skellington sure is popular! Not that I can't see why but :D When we were taking the flight home we flew from Heathrow and when I passed the security checks, a lady walked up to me and asked if a certain bag was mine. I said yes and though "oh for fucks sake, they're thinking I'm smuggling drugs or something, just my luck" but then she smiled and started rambling about Jack Skellington! XD She had seen him in the bag and asked where I had bought him because she had looked everywhere for a doll like that lol the last thing I expected to get asked about at a security check at heathrow xD

the only bad part about the trip is that I now find this place even more boring and life-energy-sucking >.> So depressed now >.< plus, I'm now broke lol but next trip will be to Germany, Shu-chan, can't wait to see you, gesche and Pancakes and tinkerbell!! :3

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