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29 June 2007 @ 02:26 am
Eventful day... oh yeah  
Ok, damn, where are my wiiiiings!?!?!!? >____<;; I mean, I have surely died from embarressment by now and I then at least want my wiiiings! >__>

Ok, sooooo, whyyyyy do I talk so much? XD God,  I must have scared the shit out of the poor guy >__> It's like this:

I have an american friend that I have known for two years on msn and livejournal, but I have never spoken to him by phone or met him. But today he arrived here in my tiny city to stay here for two weeks ^^ So he called tonight to tell that he was delayed by maaaany hours because of blizzards and god knows what XD and to tell his cellphone doesn't work here and that his bag was missing etc etc XD (sure happened a lot on one way flight XD) And so, when he called..... first, I didn't understand it was him and was like "who the heck is this guy, speaking english with me >__<;;;;; Lemme alone! >_>" But then I realized it was him (I'm not totally lost ya know XP) and then...... I started my rambling X___x I swear I spoke a hundred miles/hours! About everything and nothing....all crap and totally .... yeah, you get the point >__> I can neeeever shut up XD Not that it's really a bad thing, but you need to have boundaried too....which I have not >__> *Sigh* Poor guy must be afraid to meet me tomorrow ^^; *cackles* XD

And then my grandmother  had a stroke....a quite serious one. At first I didn't know a thing. I was speaking to my american friend when suddenly my dad comes screaming angrily at me to get my ass down the stairs and speak to him. I don't like him!! >___<;; Then he starts yelling at me that I have to take care of the dogs here at home because my grandmother, I quote: Your grandmother is dying up there and you have to take care of the dogs" then he just ran off, leaving me behind >___> WTF!! >___<;; Does he think it feels good for me, standing on our stairs outside, looking at my grandmother's house(We live very close XD) while she might die and I can't even show her I care for her!!! Damn him! He didn't even concider what I might want to do, that I wanted to go to her too. But noooo, he just orders me to take care of the dogs that could take care of themselves while all of my relatives and the rest of the family was up there helping my grandmother, thanks for that....dad >___> *growls* Now they and my grandmother might think I don't care >__> EVERYONE was there except for me.....damn you dad, why can't you leave me alone and let me live for once and stop ordering me around! And stop complaining about my "stupid interest for asia" it's MY LIFE; NOT YOURS >____<;; Gah!

And look at the hats they force us to wear during graduation!!!! O___O What is that! >__> Big, pointy, white and.....sailor-ish! They never look good when on a person and I don't even know why we wear silly hats on graduation!!! No one knows why it has become a tradition and no one knows why the hats look like they do >___<;; What kind of tradition is that >____> The only good thing about my hat is that instead of writing my name on it, they wrote Ryuichi on it instead as I wanted >3 Sakumaaaaaa~~! ^^

And yeah, just ignore the smiling dork (I can say so because it's me XP) Gawd I hate standing in front of cameras >____<;;;

And there's no post without some cute DBSK/fluffy YunJae >333 Hahaha, silly men, you so steal a lot of hearts, cute dorks <3

And YunHo, you sure can't stop touching Joongie, which we all of course like and understand >333

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(Deleted comment)
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Lea: YunJae Powerdemonrose88 on June 30th, 2007 10:54 pm (UTC)
Me too ;__; Though it doesn't look too good atm >__<;;;

She too o.O;;; Awww, sorry to hear that. I really hope she'll get well too!!

Yeah, really weird coincidence o.o;; We sure have a lot in common, if not by intereste then surely the things/people around us ^^; XD

Hahaha, I know! The hat is really... weird o.o XD Haha, it was the graduation from....hmm, well, sweden has a little different school system than the US, but I guess you could say the graduation from High School basically XD ....Hahaha, and thank you XD

Take care!! ^^ <3333 *glomps*
dicloniusnyuu on June 29th, 2007 08:55 am (UTC)
Ow, I hope your grandma will be alright!

Pretty picture ^^ But you do look a little bit uncomfortable XD
Lea: Juicy Jaedemonrose88 on June 30th, 2007 10:36 pm (UTC)
Thanks, me too! ^^;

Hahaha, so not, but thanks XD And I sooooo was! *Shudders from the memory of the godforsaken camera* XD It was actually my relative that took the picture....I can't remember his name, but you know the one that takes photographs, the one you knew XD ....Tommy? ^^;
(Deleted comment)
Lea: Juicy Jaedemonrose88 on June 30th, 2007 10:14 pm (UTC)
Hahahaha! Am not *pouts* XP You're muuuuch cuter Lali-chan!!! ^.^ And I bet that was one of the last things he would ever think! XD

Hahaha, you don't like talking in phones either? XD Strange how most of my friends apart from Shu-chan doesn't like speakihng in them XD *snickers* And I can soooo imagine it tooooo! <33333 Maybe I should call you sometime!? ^___^ I'm so up for it!! 8D

My father is very narrow minded and egoistic...he seems to have a problem with understand other humans too....oh well, I'm soon out of here so ^^ or....I hope! ^^;

Thank you! ^___^ I hope so too, but right now it doesn't look too good ;_; And even if she survives it, she will have a lot of problems because of this >___>

Hahaha, yupp, a snile, one of the few! XD *blush* awww, thank you, but noooooo, the hat is horrible XD smaller and I could have been fine at least XD ^^; But still....I guess it could be worse XD
Yaaaaaaay!! *get's stolen by Lali-chan* <3333 *squeals and huggles* Yay, finally I'm getting to see Lali-chans room~~! ^______^

wiiiieee~~ *sits down and keeps waiting for the pic of Lali-chan* ^.^

Hahahaha, really?! XD Why? ^^ But yeah, kinda amusing tradition, but still silly XD You don't have anything like that for your graduation? o.O