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01 July 2007 @ 01:50 am
So much...  
Sooo, another rambling post today, yet again posted late for me XD >__> (it's 02:20 atm)

Hahaha, so yeah, I've finally met my american friend and he was....kinda like I expected and yet...not XD It was really nice seeing him and we had a good time yesterday ^^ We fooled around in town, ate ice-cream, went to one of my friend's home, had dinner, played the swedish game Kubb!!! XD watched series and just talked, very nice actually ^___^ I hope and think he had a good time! XD I was actually quite shocked that he and my ex-boyfriend got along as well as they did, it was a nice surprise <3 Hahaha, ah, being with my ex this much again brings back memories, and even though I know it wouldn't have worked, I still love him in some way ^^ He's just so dorky and cute XD

And today was kinda uneventful and yet....still was o.O; First I did nothing really XD I woke up pretty late, then I just sat on the computer sorting things and fooling around XD Then I went to play Shadow the Hedgehog to complete one of the plot paths you can take....but the last level is soooooo hard and annoying!!! >____<;; I'm almost giving up ;___; It soooo get's on my nerves >__>

Then I followed my mother to vist my grandmother and she was.... god. When I saw her laying there... I didn't know what to do... so I went to hold her hand and she just looked at me, squeezing it so hard. And I almost broke. I tried to be as normal as usual since I know my grandmother wants that, but god was it hard >____> my aunt started telling me about her condition in the car and while we were in the room. Apparently she is now paralyzed in her right side and she's unable to speak, but she's still very clear in the head, almost exactly as before. She also said she had gotten better and had a lot of energy and so on......BUUUT, then when I followed my aunt in her car home, she and her husband told me that.... even though she seems better now, it doesn't really matter....thanks to the preassure in her brain because of the stroke, she can practically die at any moment, no matter how good she feels...and if she manage out of this alive, she will forever be partly paralyzed, mute and unable to keep living in her house here....

That really broke my heart. My grandmother is even more talkative than me and is soooo social....she loosing her voice is.... horrible.... my grandmother is my fave realtive and seeing her like this, so unlike how she was....god....it's hard

And Shuuuuu-chaaaaaan! Come back from your trip already, I miss you soooooo much! ;____; My hyper  second half being gone is like loosing my sight ;_; It's soooo....empty >____> Hayakuuuuu and come hoooome! ^^ ;___;

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