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19 February 2008 @ 11:24 pm

Went to the local hairdresser today.... for the first time in MONTHS ^^; It really was time for a haircut... I told her that I just wanted her to cut something she thought I would look good in.... and woala! XD Now when I look at it I realize it's kinda similar to the Prince from Final Fantasy Versus XIII XD Yoru-chan, do you feel up for letting me cosplay Storm and you cosplay that sexy lady from FF XIII? 8D Have you seen the trailer with her btw? Her outfit is gorgeous *__* :3

Hairproducts.... I'M BACK! XD

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08 February 2008 @ 08:59 pm

Gah! >__<# I'm so pissed off I just want to blow the whole fucking world up! No matter HOW hard I try or how good I am, I haven't gotten a job! Honestly, I think I'm a good person, good team mate and I'm abitious... Everyone says they think my CV looks great and all that shit, but still, NO fucking JOB! DX Why? Why do sixteen year old super-brats get a job while I don't?! What is so damn wrong with me that I don't deserve a chance to prove myself a good worker? D< I've tried to get a job for 8 months now and I'm getting so TIRED of it I just feel like screaming at everyone behind a counter >__>; I'm sick of being  home, sick of having no money (and henche no life), sick of feeling useless and just sick of everything! My moodswings are getting worse and I know this has a lot to do with it... just screw this shitty life >__> Right now, life is a stupid, fucked up bitch. Just let me rot away in my own damp, dark hole D<

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07 February 2008 @ 04:12 pm
So finally, it came XD I should have guesssed as much after having had dreams about Alice Nine and Gackt before. So eventually I should have one with my fave korean band, ne? Though I never thought it would be this random! XD

I swear, I would have been so embarrassed if I had had sex with Yunho >.O; I love him too much to see myself with him, he is supposed to have Jae! XD I still don't get why I dreamt about YunHo in my beed when I'm more obsessed with JaeJoong o.O; (although I love them all really madly XD)

This, I guess, is my most random and 'plot changing' dream about a band I've ever had! XD Anyone else had a dream about them? XD
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01 February 2008 @ 12:08 am
Taken from blueplasticgun
Ok, now answer these question, it won't take so fucking long - so don't you dare ignore it! XP I wanna know about you, doesn't matter how often we speak with each other or how well I know you already! If you're on my friendslist, FILL THIS OUT! XD >3

Now I'm off to write again, as well as plotting some new things for mine and yoru_no_neko new YunJae community! >3 The layout she made looks great!
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28 January 2008 @ 07:07 pm
Yay! The party was a success! Or well, people thought it was a lot of fun anyway. We ended up fewer than we thought, but we made the best out of it and everything went as planned ^^ We did a lot of random stuff and everyone were so enthusiastic even though some of the things we did were a little... 'painful' XD It ended late though, so my dear, me and David ended up walking home to Yoru-chan's place around six in the morning (it was so fucking cold!) after having cleaned for two hours ^^; I slept like a rock! XD

And I got my birthday present from Yoru-chan today ( yoru_no_neko ) and it's one of the best I have ever received! She really knows me well, thanks babe~~!

She got me a Chocobo Plush!! <3333 God I so love those birds from Final Fantasy (and now I have three things with them :333 ) Isn't it cute!

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28 January 2008 @ 03:38 am
An interesting and funny thing I, again, took from my lovely babe blueplasticgun

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25 January 2008 @ 01:39 am

Took this from my lovel rainbowchild blueplasticgun
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24 January 2008 @ 02:54 am
I can't believe I'm posting AGAIN! XD There has to be something wrong with me, but heck I don't care XD

I just looked through my wallet and realized I spent almost over 1500KR (roughly around 150 dollars) in TWO days in PS2 games! o.O; And just as much on fabric for different cosplays XD garg, so ok, the games were really good ones that I wanted, but heck, that much in two days >__<;; Now I won't have a life at ALL because I have to play all my games XD

And my poor cosplays! I want to do so many at the same time that I get all hazy eyed and confused, there are just so many X__x;; All of them have like FRIGGIN-ASS-HARD things to get and all of them are like....no one-day-job... I really need to get a hold on myself to decide for one at a time to do,  otherwise I'll kill myself with a heart attack. But it doesn't help when your partner in crime has the same problem and runs around like a lost puppy just like yourself (you know it's you, Yoru-chan XP)

And yay, soon the party is here! 8D
Shu-chaaaaan, ready for glitter and all those silly but funny kid-games?! <3

Haha, and I found out that a very nice american cosplay friend of mine that lives in LA has a boyfriend that is originally from Umeå!! O__O I was all stunned for minutes, because really, that SO proves the world is _TINY_! I laughed for minutes XD

Urg, keeping my LJ, DeviantArt, fanfiction account and various other sites active and up-to-date is really time consuming X__x;

And I've found out that I suffer from stress and agnst so much it has taken physical form, hench my battles for sleep every night >__>

Now I need to watch some Fullmetal Alchemist and laugh and cry at Edward before I try to sleep.... >__>
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17 January 2008 @ 09:14 pm
Well, Happy Birthday to me XD ^^;

Wow, so today I'm finally 20, huh >__> That number feels so wrong when put together with me. Not to mention no one treats or views me as 20 either XD Not that I complain too much, but having to know I'm actually 20 is kinda...disturbing ^^;
And what a birthday to remember... I'm turning the *gasp, squeal, shock* 20, and I get to celebrate my birthday with cleaning the house, walking the three dogs I don't like and have to put up with my sister nagging about wanting to play on my PS2...

I also wrote a LOT on my ZackxCloud story, almost finished the 3 chapter ^^ I'm pretty satisfied with it... and that was about the only thing I did for myself today. My mother tried really hard to make it a birthday for me. She bought two cakes and said I shouldn't do anything more today when I was going to help her with dinner, saying it was my big day. Instead my mother wanted my little sister to help in my place.... which ended in my mother having to do everything herself, since my father and sister are too selfish and lazy to help her even though my mother has serious problems with her right arm. I almost felt bad for not helping when I saw my mother do almost everything herself. My dad read a magazine while my sister just played on MY PS2....figures. But none the less, it certainly doesn't feel like a birthday, no matter how my dear mother tried... wonder when it stopped feeling like one? BUT, Johanna and I are planning a party later, one with all the classical 'child' games, I'm so looking forward to it! :3

Oh well, I have to take care of my guests. I'll probably end up writing on my fic again later tonight and watch some FMA.

Happy Brithday to me
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15 January 2008 @ 10:05 pm

I'm all hyper atm XD I just finished watching the Making Of Purple Line PV with DBSK (yes, I know I'm slow XD) and I was like "WHERE the HELL have I been all this time?! I almost missed they were releasing a new album!" Ah, did I feel like a bad fan XD lol But one thing that really made me squeal myself raw was when during the making of, JaeJoong stands and holds a parrot on his arm!!! *__* <3 I myself have parrots and birds are my absolute fave animal, so seeing Joongie with a cute parrot sent me crazy XD They looked so cute! <3 I took a screen on it

Aren't they adorable together! XD Gah, and the Purple Line PV looks so awesome, they're all so handsome! Can't wait to watch the whole PV *__*


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